July 2010 ICS is awarded its sixth consecutive PPMS Certification from ACA International. The distinguished PPMS certification, a quality assurance and professional management system, is earned by collection agencies which complete a comprehensive audit of their business operations and practices. The goal of PPMS is to insure the agency utilizing the best practices and policies within the receivable management industry. Approximately 1% of the 6500 collection agencies in the United States have earned this distinction. ICS was first certified in 2005 and was the 26th overall worldwide to be recognized with a PPMS certification.

April 26th 2010 Join ICS at the Indiana HFMA Spring Institute/Vendor Show at the Indianapolis Marriott East/ Indianapolis Indiana booth 42.

January 2010 ICS renews contract with Agility Recovery Solutions, a disaster recovery company. Our disaster recovery plan insures we can maintain the secured connectivity of our data and communication systems in the event of extreme weather or unexpected disaster. Our vendor provides a complete solution to protecting our operation against unplanned interruptions and insuring our client's revenue will not be affected by such occurrences.

September 2009 ICS Collection Service will be exhibiting at the upcoming Tri-Chapter HFMA Meeting September 23-25, 2009 in Florence Indiana. HFMA members from Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky will participate in this inaugural meeting. We invite you to visit us at booth 12 if you are in attendance.

July 2009 ACA International has completed its audit of the procedures and practices of ICS Collection Service, and has awarded PPMS Certification for the fifth consecutive year. PPMS is a professional practices and management system which requires collection agencies to maintain a document system of procedures and policies and measurements of compliance within. The objective of PPMS is support our business plan to achieve increased operating efficiency, collection recoveries, and compliance within the healthcare and debt collection industry. Congratulations to Wendy Kukla, Director of Training and Quality Assurance for completing all the requirements necessary to receive PPMS certification.

February 2009 ICS signs a contract with large Indiana Physician Group to handle Extended Business Office and 1st placement collections. The contract is significant since it represents the first exclusive multiple service contract with an Indiana Provider Group. "Handling a large client's complete portfolio provides ICS the opportunity to collect accounts at larger scale and provide good return for a cost efficient rate." ... Mark Cronin Vice President of Business Development

February 2008 ICS announces promotion of Mark Cronin to Vice President of Business Development. ICS promoted the 30 year collection veteran and managing partner to manage marketing and sales for the 69 year old company. “I hope to expand our brand image to more possible clients. ICS has been a well respected firm in our industry and we have received most of our business thru referrals. But the Illinois Market is extremely competitive and ICS will be increasing our presence in this state and through out the Midwest.”

August 2007 ICS moves into new facilities in Tinley Park Il. ICS relocated to a 20,000 square ft facility in Tinley Park.“ The move helps us to expand our services and work force and helps put our company in a better position to grow and meet the increasing demand for debt collection and the expanding services in our industry.” John Cronin ICS President

July 2007 ACA International Recognizes ICA and Past president Randall Gelb as the collection unit of the Year award for 2007. ACA acknowledges ICA for its work in helping to create fair legislation in HB4999 which can serves a template for other states to follow.

June 2006 Randall Gelb, Vice President of Production is sworn in as President of the Illinois Collectors Association. Mr. Gelb had represented ICA and worked with the State of Illinois legislature in the Fair Patient Billing Act. The act establishes standards and responsible practices which all licensed hospitals and collection agencies must follow when they collect debts from patients. Mr. Gelb represented the interests of the collection industry in advising lawmakers on the final creation of HB4999. HB4999 was signed into law on March 3, 2006.

January 2006 ICS purchases a new GC Dialer thru Ontario Systems. Ontario Systems has long been recognized as a leader in receivables systems., ICS had originally purchased its dialer in 1991. Because of continued growth in our client base and number of collection representatives, ICS needed to expand its number of available dialing stations and telephone capacity.. “With our new dialer our capacity is virtually unlimited allowing us to add dialing capacity as needed to the meet the demands of new and existing clients. Our dialing also offers us additional technologies such as Verified contact via text to speech technology. This text to speech helps ICS to be compliant with the new telephone regulations, regarding properly identifying the responsible party. It also improves our contact rate with the responsible party.” … Nate Olson Vice President of Operations

August 2005 ICS a receivables management firm located in Evergreen Park, Il. becomes the 26th collection firm worldwide to receive PPMS Certification from the American Collectors Association International. The professional practices managements system or PPMS is a quality management system for the collection industry that is based on the ISO 9002 quality management standard. ICS has hired a full time director of training and quality control to administer it’s PPMS program. ICS procedures and practices are now documented on its network server. All ICS representatives have access to accepted procedures and practices. Management can accurately document and measure its performance thru our PPMS program to insure we are compliant to all company, client and government rules and regulations. PPMS certification distinguish's ICS as one the leading firms in the collection industry.


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